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HRM627 : Human Resource Development

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

This course on Human Resource Development (HRD) enables the people to make things happen. It deals both with the process of competency development in people and creation of conditions (through interventions) to help people apply these competencies for their own benefits and for that of others. The core purpose of this course is to encounter two major development challenges of the world. The first is to ensure that the fruit of development reach the neediest through equitable distribution of resources, opportunities and benefits. The second is to develop human capabilities and address the challenges of development in political, economic and social areas.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, you would be able to:

  • Describe and explain the significance of HRD.
  • Develop and inculcate competencies which include knowledge, skills, attitudes and values pertaining specifically to the field of management and organizations, both in the public and private sectors.
  • Know how to act and improve your own lives and those of others.
  • Create more alternatives for yourself and others both in their personal as well as professional or organizational life.
  • Look at the process of HRD not only from a purely personnel management perspective but also from a human development perspective in general.
  • Know the role of various interventions at national and international levels to accentuate the process of human development.

Course Calendar

Introduction to Human Resource Development1Handouts1
Foundations of Human Behavior2Handouts5
Intrinsic Motivation4Handouts11
Five Factor Model5Handouts16
Interpersonal Communication7,8Handouts24
The World Beyond Words9Handouts28
Transactional Analysis10Handouts31
Types of Transactions11Handouts33
create your own blue print12Handouts38
Quiz # 01
create your own blue print13Handouts39
GDB # 01
understanding group behaviour16Handouts53
Understanding Team Behavior17Handouts55
Emotional Facet18,19Handouts56
Human Resource Development20Handouts60
Human Development Index (HDI)21Handouts64
Human Development Index22Handouts68
Grand Quiz( Mid Term)
Sectors of a Society: Some Basic Concepts23Handouts74
Non Governmental Organizations24Handouts76
Health Sector25Handouts80
A Study on Quality of Primary Education Background and Rationale26Handouts84
Adult Education27Handouts87
Technical & Vocational Education29Handouts91
Assessing the Link Between Intellectual Capital Formation and Performance of a University30Handouts95
Science and technology education31Handouts113
Quiz # 03
HDI and Gender Sensitivity33Handouts120
The Plight of Indian Women34Handouts122
A Revisit of Module I & II36Handouts126
Human Development & Economic Growth37Handouts127
Public Private Partnership38Handouts130
Principles of Public Private Partnership39Handouts134
Devolution Reforms – A New System of Government40Handouts136
Quiz # 04
Good Governance41Handouts142
Microeconomics Profile of a country42Handouts145
Coordination in Governance43Handouts149
Mobilizing Regional Educational Resources, a Case study44Handouts151
Government Priorities and Policies45Handouts155
Final Term exams
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