MCM514 : Feature & Column Writing

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

The course includes: identifying topics for writing, exploring various forms of column and feature writing; gathering information; writing clear, catchy and concise copy. This course covers the techniques of interviewing and reporting as well as writing an intro, feature, column and articles. You will also see how to handle a running story, understanding the importance of house style, creating headlines and captions and presenting copy. It also gives a thorough grounding in the theory and practice of writing techniques, as well as covering in detail the legal and ethical aspects required.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Have practical and in-depth guidance to successful writing for print media.
  • Write effective columns, features and articles for a variety of media using this bestselling guide
  • Critically analyze the different styles of writing or pieces of writing.

Course Calendar

Importance of Language1Handouts1-4
Sources of Material2Handouts5-8
Internet Usage in Feature writing3Handouts9-18
What makes a good Feature4Handouts10-22
Demands of a Feature5Handouts23-25
Conducting and Writing of Interviews6Handouts26-34
Writing Novelty Intros7Handouts35-36
Structure of Features8Handouts37-38
Selection of Pictures, Illustrations and Maps9Handouts39-42
Features and Editorial Policy10Handouts43-44
Quiz 1
Human Interest and Feature writing11Handouts45-47
Newspaper Feature Story12Handouts48-53
The Newspaper Feature Story Idea13Handouts54-58
Magazine Feature Versus Dailies14Handouts59-62
Writing the Specialized Feature Story15Handouts63-66
Assignment No.1
Modren Feature and its Treatment16Handouts67-69
Modern Feature Writing Technique17Handouts70-73
Advice to Feature Writers18Handouts74-79
Column Writing19Handouts80-81
Column writing in Modern Age20Handouts82-83
English and Urdu Columnists21Handouts84-85
Types of Columns22Handouts86-88
Grand Quiz in Lieu of Midterm Exams
Objectives and Importance of Columns23Handouts91
Essentials of the Formatting of a Column24Handouts92
General Style of the Column26Handouts95
Structure of a Column27Handouts96-97
Column writing Tips28Handouts98-100
Selection of a Topic29Handouts101-102
Qualities of a Column Writer30Handouts103-104
What must be Practised by a Columnist?31Handouts105-106
Sources of Material of Columns32Handouts107-109
Useful Writing Devices33Handouts110-113
Common Writing Problems34Handouts114-117
Writing the Column35Handouts118-122
Article Writing36Handouts123-124
How to Write an Article?37Handouts125-127
Types and Subjects of Article38Handouts128-129
Five Commandments, No Professional Forgets39Handouts130-133
Articles Writing Mistakes40Handouts134-136
Writing the Article41Handouts137-138
Quiz 3
What to do when you have written the article?42Handouts139-140
Ten Standard Article Formats43Handouts141-142
Legal and Ethical Considerations of Writers44Handouts143
Final term Exams
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