EDU301 : General Methods of Teaching

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Ms. Qudsia Kalsoom
PhD Education (Continued)
Lahore College for Women University

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Concept of Teaching Teaching as a Profession Key Contexts of Schooling Teachers’ Responsibility and their Level of Functioning Promoting Deeper Understanding Instructional Decision Making Types of Knowledge Educational equity Planning for Instruction Bloom's taxonomy of cognitive domain Affective and Psychomotor domain Performance objectives Levels and Limitations of Planning Overall Considerations For Instructional Planning Unit planning Lesson planning Lesson Plan Formats Content Forms & Sequencing Presentation Modes Information Processing Theory & Graphic Organizers Models of Lesson Organization Multi-Methodology as an Instructional Process Concept of Child Early Years Education Big Ideas & Generative Concepts Essential Questions in Adolescent Teaching Big Ideas & Essential Questions Integrated Themes Inquiry Teaching and Higher Level Thinking Inquiry Processes and Constructivism Guided Inductive Inquiry Models & Considerations in Guided Inductive Inquiry Scientific Method Problem-Based Learning (PBL) Cooperative Learning Cooperative Learning Strategies Organizing Cooperative Learning Project Learning Discussion Method Direct Instruction Discovery Learning Vs Presentation Motivation for Learning Teaching Models for Motivation Teaching Tools for Effective Teaching