EDU301 : General Methods of Teaching

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

The purpose of the course is to prepare prospective teachers in using different approaches of teaching in order to make teaching learning process effective. Various aspects of instructions are highlighted to help the teacher practice different teaching strategies successfully.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course the students will be able to

  • explain the basic concepts used in teaching;
  • demostrate the essential attributes of an effective teacher;
  • describe the importance and different types of teacher planning;
  • Practice different teaching approaches in the classroom.

Course Calendar

Concept of Teaching1
Teaching as a Profession2
Key Contexts of Schooling3
Teachers’ Responsibility and their Level of Functioning4
Promoting Deeper Understanding5
Instructional Decision Making6
Types of Knowledge7
Educational Equity8
Planning for Instruction9
Quiz No. I
Bloom''s taxonomy of cognitive domain10
Affective and psychomotor domain11
Performance Objectives12
Levels and Limitations of Planning13
Assignment No. 1
Overall Considerations For Instructional Planning14
Unit planning15
Lesson planning16
Lesson Plan Formats17
Content Forms & Sequencing18
Presentation Modes19
Information Processing Theory & Graphic Organizers20
Quiz no. II
Models of Lesson Organization21
Multi-Methodology as an Instructional Process22
Mid Term Exam
Concept of Child23
Early Years Education24
Big Ideas & Generative Concepts25
Essential Questions in Adolscent Teaching26
Big Ideas & Essential Questions27
Integrated Themes28
Inquiry Teaching and Higher Level Thinking29
Inquiry Processes and Constructivism30
Guided Inductive Inquiry31
Assignment No. 2
Models & Considerations in Guided Inductive Inquiry32
Scientific Method33
Problem-Based Learning (PBL)34
Cooperative Learning35
Quiz No. 3
Cooperative Learning Strategies36
Organizing Cooperative Learning37
Project Learning38
Discussion Method39
Quiz No. IV
Direct Instruction40
Discovery Learning Vs Presentation41
Motivation for Learning42
Teaching Models for Motivation43
Teaching Tools44
Effective Teaching45
Final Term Exam
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