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MKT530 : Consumer Behaviour

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MGT301, MKT501


Dr. Sarwar Mehmood Azhar
PhD in Marketing
University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK

Course Contents

An Introduction to consumer behavior and marketing concept; Consumer behavior and the marketing strategy. Using customer satisfaction as the base; Evolution and development of consumer behavior and the role of consumer research ; Consumer Research and the research process and collecting data; Measuring customer satisfaction in product and service marketing; The consumer decision making process- The model as well as consumer practices; The consumer decision making process and the situational influences; The types of consumer decision making, problem recognition and strategy; Discussion of the concept of market segmentation and its role in marketing strategy.; Consumer market segmentation and how the variables provide a framework for strategic marketing direction- The bases for segmentation; Socio cultural and other frameworks for segmentation; Consumer Market segmentation_ criteria for effective targeting of market segments; Consumer Motivation- Consumer needs based approach; The consumer as an individual. Exploring the needs, goals and motivation that underlie consumer behavior. Motivation; Review of theories of personality and understanding consumer diversity ; The topic of brand personality as they relate to the concepts of self and self image. ; Perceptions as they affect consumer behavior and the dynamics of perception.; The perceptual interpretation and the concept of product positioning ; Perception and marketing strategy ; Perceived quality and the SERVQUAL model; Consumer learning processes and the theoretical frame work for consumer learning and Involvement; Strategic Application of the learning theories in marketing strategies ; Cognitive Learning Theory and measures of consumer learning ; Consumer attitudes and attitude research. Structural models of Attitudes ; Emphasis on attitude formation attitude change and related strategic marketing issues; Communications as a tool for persuasion and its impact on consumer perceptions and behavior _The components of communications; Designing Persuasive communication; Message strategies and appeals; Social and cultural Dimensions of consumer behavior_ an introduction. Reference groups and family; Reference groups and its influence on consumer behaviour; Family influences on consumer behavior including socialization process as part of the family life cycle; Social class, its variants and measure--- linking with the marketing strategy; Social class linked attitudes and behaviors influence consumer behavior; The influence of culture on consumer behavior- culture and its invisible hand.; Core cultural values and measurement; What is sub culture- issues in marketing; Sub- cultures Racial age and gender and their influence- Marketing strategy and values; Cultures in an international context _The country of origin effects; Favoring a world brand –Adaptive global marketing and issues-cross cultural influence on multinational strategies; Consumer influence and the diffusion process- The opinion leader; Adoption process and information source; Post Purchase Dissonance; Customer satisfactions and commitment; Models of consumer behavior an integrative framework; Consumer Decision making and beyond to Consumer Relationship Marketing;