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MKT530 : Consumer Behaviour

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

The course is designed with the prime focus on developing the understanding of concepts and theories related to consumer behaviour. This course will equip the students with the required analytical skills to analyze the trends in consumer behaviour to design and develop the workable marketing strategies. It will provide an insight into consumer learning process, motivation, personality, social and family culture that effect the decision making process of consumer. Understanding consumer’s behaviours and attitudes is a key element in successful marketing efforts.

Course Learning Outcomes

This course will help

  • To understand the core elements of Consumer Behavior as an approach to business and marketing strategy
  • To understand the research processes and techniques to determine factors which influence Consumer Behavior
  • To understand the role of consumer motivations and needs and social and cultural dimensions in decision making process
  • To understand the marketing implications of the factors that influence Consumer Behavior which include factors such as opinion leadership and how it may effect the marketing mix decisions

Course Calendar

An Introduction to consumer behavior and marketing concept1Handouts1--4
Customer Value2Handouts5--7
Consumer Behaviour Research3Handouts8--12
Customer Satisfaction4Handouts13-16
Target Market6Handouts22-28
Quiz No. 1
Personality (contd)9Handouts42-46
perception (contd)11Handouts52-55
Product Positioning12Handouts56-60
GDB No. 1
Instrumental Learning16Handouts80-84
Attitude Formation20Handouts99-104
Consumer Learning Process21Handouts105-108
Communication Strategy25Handouts121-125
Marketing Communications and Ethics26Handouts126-129
Assignment No. 1
Message Strategies and Appeals28Handouts136-141
Social and Cultural Dimensions29Handouts142-145
Reference Groups and Its Influence30Handouts146-150
Family influences and socialization process31Handouts151-154
Social Class32Handouts155-157
Social Class and Its Influence on Consumer Behavior33Handouts158-160
The Influence of Culture on Consumer Behavior34Handouts161-163
Core Cultural Values and Measurement35Handouts164-166
Sub Culture- Issues in Marketing36Handouts167-169
Marketing Strategy and Value37Handouts170-172
Cultures in An International Context38Handouts173-176
Global Marketing39Handouts177-180
Consumer Influence and The Diffusion Process40Handouts181-183
Quiz no. 2
Adoption Process and Information Source41Handouts184-186
Post Purchase Dissonance42Handouts187-190
Customer Satisfactions and Commitment43Handouts191-194
Models of Consumer Behavior - An Integrative Framework44Handouts195-196
Consumer Decision making and Beyond45Handouts197-202
***This is tentative schedule, any change, if made, will be intimated via announcement.
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