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MKT611 : Marketing Research

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MGT301, MKT501, STA630


Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Khan
Ph.D in Education (Business Education)
Indiana University, USA.

Course Contents

Welcome to the course "Marketing Research". In this course, you will learn about very important concepts of marketing research and their implication in the life of an organization on real time basis. This course starts with basics of marketing research with an emphasis on the role of marketing research in the field of marketing. It provides a deep insight into why and how marketing research is important to an organization. It takes into account the various steps in marketing research process and characteristics of successful marketing research. Types of marketing research and nature of marketing research problems have been discussed in detail. Furthermore, types and sources of data in marketing research have been explained. The course also covers types of research design and their applications in specific situations keeping in view the importance of research design in marketing research. Classification of descriptive research has been discussed in detail. It further highlights different aspects of causal research and experimental design. Various kinds of rating scales have been discussed in detail with physical configuration of scales, reliability and types of reliability. Moreover, details of sampling, sampling frame and sample size and factors affecting sample size have also been covered. Sampling techniques with application in specific situations, and sampling errors are also part of this course. To enhance students’ expertise in this course, step wise process of questionnaire development has also been included. The course includes detailed discussion on data collection and fieldwork. The students are also taught about data analysis, data preparation, and data cleaning. As far as data analysis is concerned, descriptive and inferential statistics have been discussed with examples. For hypotheses testing, statistical techniques such as correlation, regression analysis, analysis of variance (ANOVA) etc. have been elaborated in detail. Finally knowledge is imparted regarding report writing, its importance and components of research report in this course.