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MKT611 : Marketing Research

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

Course overview This course focuses on the importance and purpose of Marketing Research, highlighting how to carry out efficient and effective Marketing Research techniques to make successful launching of the products. It will enable the students to write an effective marketing research report. It provides managerial knowledge that can enable students to utilize their talents in the practical life. It also provides an overview of different topics, allowing students to determine criteria through which they will be able to use different types of researches. It also provides how to write a good research report which includes proper research process, research objectives and research designs etc. Target Audience This course has been designed for under-graduate students. It will provide overall knowledge of marketing research from basic understanding to learning of advanced concepts. It will also help the students to use various statistical techniques of data analysis in marketing research. Objectives of Course Ob1. To enhance the understanding about the key concepts of marketing research. Ob2. To make familiar with the contemporary issues in marketing research Ob3. To understand the importance of research design in marketing research. Ob4. To learn the mechanism of data collection and its usefulness in marketing research Ob5: To have an in-depth understanding of sampling and its role in marketing research Ob6: To learn about various statistical techniques and their application Ob7: To have in-depth understanding of the key elements of a marketing research report Ob8: To learn about the importance of marketing research report

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Comprehend the core elements of marketing research
  • Analyze the implications of marketing research in business decision making
  • Develop a good research design for the marketing research project in hand
  • Develop a good data collection instrument, an appropriate sampling plan and organize the fieldwork
  • Analyze the collected data, both qualitatively and quantitatively
  • Write a good marketing research report.

Course Calendar

Introduction to Marketing Research1Handouts3-6
Selection of Marketing Research Supplier2Handouts7-11
Defining Marketing Research Problem and Developing an Approach3Handouts12-14
Sources of Data4Handouts15-17
Research Design and its Classification5, 6Handouts18-27
Quiz no. 1 (Graded)
Data Collection Methods7Handouts28-30
Casual Research Design8Handouts31-33
Experimental Design9Handouts34-36
Rating Scales10, 11Handouts37-43
Accuracy, Validity and Reliabity12Handouts44-47
Sampling Process13Handouts48-52
Factors Affecting the Sample Size14Handouts53-55
Sampling Techniques15Handouts56-58
Sampling Techniques16Handouts59-62
Development of Questionnaire17Handouts63-67
Graded Discussion Board
Designing a Good Research Questionnaire18Handouts68-72
Data Collection and Fieldwork19Handouts73-76
Data Analysis: Data Preparation and Data Cleaning20, 21Handouts77-82
Research Proposal22Handouts83-85
Grand Quiz
Research Proposal….contd23Handouts86-88
Data Analysis24, 25Handouts89-97
Data Analysis26, 27, 28, 29Handouts98-111
Data Analysis30, 31Handouts112-120
Correlation and Regression32Handouts121-128
Testing the Difference between the Means33, 34Handouts129-135
Analysis of Variance35Handouts136-139
ANOVA and Post Hoc Analysis36Handouts140-143
Regression Analysis37Handouts144-155
Report Writing38Handouts156-159
Components of Research Report39Handouts160-162
Citation of References in Report40Handouts163-169
Quiz no. 2 (Graded)
Presentations of Reports41Handouts170-172
Demand Forecasting42Handouts173-176
New Product Research43Handouts177-181
Advertising Research44Handouts182-187
International Marketing Research45Handouts188-194
Final Term
This is a tentative schedule till Final for Fall 2019, any change if made will be intimated via announcement
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