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MKT630 : International Marketing

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MGT301, MKT501, MKT530


Dr. Faheem ul Islam
University of Cambridge, UK

Course Contents

Topics Covered 1. Overview of International Marketing 2. International Marketing Process 3. Engaging in International Markets 4. International Trade & investment Theories 5. International Marketing Information Requirements 6. Foreign National Environments 7. Role of Governments in International Markets 8. International Cultural and Social Environments 9. Determining Export Potential in International Markets 10. International Marketing Research Process 11. Modes of Entry into International Markets 12. International Strategic Alliances 13. International Consumer Markets 14. International Business Markets 15. International Target Marketing 16. International Market Segmentation 17. International Marketing Mix - Product Policy 18. Introducing New Products in international Markets 19. Pricing in International Markets 20. International Marketing Channels 21. Promoting in International Markets