MCM501 : Advertising for Print and Electronic Media

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Mass Communication

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MCM101, MGT301


Prof. DR. Mughees Uddin Sheikh
Iowa USA

Course Contents

Introduction to Advertising, Advertising and Society, Strengths and Weaknesses of Advertising, Ethics in Advertising, Advertising Department, Advertising Agency, Selecting an ad agency, Advertising agencies in Pakistan, Kinds of Advertising, Media of Advertising, Media Requirements, Factors Influencing Media Selection, Media Mix, Advertising Copy, Structure of an Advertising Copy, Visualization and Layout, Print Production, Writing Commercial Slogans, Advertising Appeal, Planning an Advertising Campaign, Content of an Advertising Plan, Organization of an Advertising Plan, Consumer Needs and Behavior Promotion, Product Analysis, Market Analysis, Diffusion of Advertising Message, Essentials of an effective Ad Campaign, Techniques of measuring the effects of an Ad Campaign, Primary Data Gathering, Important Advertising Terminologies.