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PSY514 : Consumer Psychology

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Mr. Wali Muhammad
M.Sc. Psychology
Government College University, Lahore.

Course Contents

Introduction to consumer psychology, Implementing the marketing concept, Marketing mix), Value and retention focused marketing consumer decision making process, Consumer research (consumer research paradigms), Major steps in consumer research process, Quantitative research designs & data collection methods , Quantitative research data collection techniques , Qualitative research designs & data collection methods, Customer satisfaction measurement, sampling, and data analysis and reporting , Market segmentation and its bases , Bases for segmentation demographic & psychographic segmentation, Bases for segmentation: sociocultural, use related & usage situation segmentation, Bases for segmentation: benefit segmentation, Bases for segmentation: hybrid segmentation strategies, Market segmentation, How culture is learnt environmental influences, Culture and its measurement environmental influences, Measurement of culture environmental influences , Subculture, Age and gender subculture , Bases for segmentation: benefit segmentation, Social class , Consumer social classes, Understanding personality, Consumer Personality, Trait Theory and Self Images, Consumer motivation , Understanding learning, Instrumental conditioning, information processing and memory, Attitude formation and change, Attitude change strategies, Consumer decision making, Problem recognition, search and evaluation and decision and purchase, Decision and purchase, Decisions related to post purchase, Marketing implications of decisions related to post purchase, Post purchase evaluation, Post purchase dissonance, Consumerism – Issues and Responses.