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MKT501 : Marketing Management

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

The marketing concept aims not at finding right customers for your product but rather aims at finding right products for your customers. The whole outlook of marketing is customer oriented. Core marketing concepts being an extension of the former, are based upon focusing on customer needs and wants, segmenting the markets, finding the right target markets and positioning your product according to the selected target market and finally satisfying the customers by offering them value. Marketing management aims at inculcating and developing fundamental concepts of Marketing like marketing environment, different approaches in marketing, segmentation, the tools of marketing-- product, price, promotion and place etc. For a specialization in Accounting, Finance, HR, Management; basic knowledge of Marketing is useful so that one doesn’t remain novice to the basic concept of Marketing. For a specialization in Marketingthis knowledge would enable one to build extensive knowledge in the field of Marketing by getting to know advanced subjects of Marketing like Marketing Management, Customer relationship Management, Brand Management, Services Marketing etc.

Course Learning Outcomes

After the completion of this course, the students will be able to:

  • Comprehend the key concepts of marketing management in identifying real time problems
  • Comprehend and apply the knowledge about product related issues i.e. new product
  • Comprehend and apply the knowledge about pricing techniques and appropriates pricing
  • Comprehend and apply the knowledge about channel of distribution and its significance.
  • Develop the marketing plan for any product/service in real time scenario.
  • Comprehend and apply the knowledge about market research and generate reliable
  • Comprehend and apply the knowledge about promotional mix to design appropriate

Course Calendar

Bench Mark of Marketing, marketing view point1Handouts1-3
Customer Experience Management, customer life time value2Handouts4-5
Marketing Orientation, sustainable competitive advantage, target market3, 4Handouts6-10
Marketing Environment influence on marketing decisions5Handouts11-12
Marketing Decisions, marketing mix6Handouts13-14
Marketing Plan7, 8Handouts15-16
Quiz No. 1
Strategic Marketing Planning9, 10Handouts19-22
Product Life Cycle (PLC)12Handouts25-26
New Product Development (NPD)13, 14Handouts27-31
GDB No. 1
Consumer Adoption Process15Handouts32-33
Packaging and Labeling16Handouts34-35
Brand Management17Handouts36-37
Price and Pricing18Handouts38-39
Pricing Objectives20, 21Handouts42-44
Penetration Pricing22Handouts45-46
Grand Quiz
Price Discrimination24Handouts50-53
Portfolio Management25Handouts54-55
Promotion26, 27Handouts56-60
Assignment No. 1
Mind Share---An Important Objective of Advertising29Handouts65-68
Television Commercials30,31Handouts69-71
Sales Force Management33Handouts79-81
Publicity, Public Relation & Corporate Image34Handouts82-84
Distribution Channels35, 36Handouts85-89
Supply Chain Management (SCM)37Handouts90-92
Consumer Behavior40Handouts98-104
Quiz No. 2
Consumer Behavior41,42Handouts98-104
SWOT Analysis43Handouts105-107
Market Research44, 45Handouts108-113
Final Term Examination
***This is tentative schedule, any change, if made, will be intimated via announcement.
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