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MKT610 : Customer Relationship Management

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MGT301, MKT501, MKT530


Dr Muhammad Yousaf Siddiqui

Course Contents

• Introduction and Overview
• Purposes of CRM
• Customer Service Facilitation
• History of customer services
• Customer Complaints and its Handling
• Implementation of CRM
• How to construct CRM program?
• Improving Customer Relationships
• General Tips How to Keep your Customers Satisfied
• Customer Service Training workshop
• Strategic Management in CRM
• Implementation of Strategic Management
• Why Strategic Management Plans Fail?
• Specific Skills for CRM, Customer Retention
• Customer Loyalty • Types of Customer Loyalty
• Why Do Customers Defect
• Public Relations
• CRM- ONE- to-One Marketing to the Next Level
• Applying Customer Relationship Management
• Understanding the Basic Concepts of CRM
• CRM Functions • CRM-Based Marketing and Sales
• Personalizing Website
• An Insight into CRM and e CRM
• What is Electronic Customer Relationship Management
• Applications and Objectives of CRM
• Introduction and Objectives of A CRM Process
• Features of Good CRM
• Understanding the Customer''''''''s Expectations
• Understanding What Do Customer Want and the Appeal That We Can Make?
• Specific Appeals That Can Be Made
• How a customer decides or accepts?
• How to handle A Difficult Customer?
• CRM and Communication
• Achieving Effective CRM