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MKT610 : Customer Relationship Management

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

This course focuses on the importance and purpose of CRM highlighting how to carry out efficient and effective CRM. Students will learn how to manage good relations with all sorts of customers, how to build customer loyalty and achieve customer retention. It will also cover the electronic customer relationship management. Students will also be able to formulate and implement business and marketing strategies based on CRM.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Describe and explain the significance of CRM
  • Demonstrate specific skills for CRM
  • Apply CRM functions
  • Put into practice features of good CRM
  • Plan strategies for allowing customers to personalize your website
  • Know how to handle difficult customers and customer complaints
  • Construct and implement CRM strategy

Course Calendar

Customer Relationship Management1Handouts1-2
Purposes Of Customer Relationship2Handouts3-4
Customer Service Facilitation3Handouts5-6
Customer Services4Handouts7-8
History Of Customer Service5Handouts9-10
Customer Relationship Management6Handouts11-12
Quiz 1
Customer Complaints7Handouts13-14
Implementing CRM8Handouts15-16
How To Construct CRM Program?9Handouts17
How To Construct CRM Program?10Handouts18
Improving Customer Relationships11Handouts19-20
General Tips To Keep Your Customers Satisfied12Handouts21-22
Customer Service Training Workshop13Handouts23
Customer Service Training Workshop14Handouts24-25
Strategic Management15Handouts26
Strategy Implementation Involves16Handouts27-29
Reasons Why Strategic Plans Fail?17Handouts30-31
Specific Skills For CRM18Handouts32-35
Customer Retention19Handouts36-37
Customer Loyalty And Its Types20Handouts38-39
Customer Loyalty And Its Types21Handouts40-41
Why Do Customers Defect?22Handouts41-44
Public Relations23Handouts45-46
Public Relations24Handouts47-48
CRM- One- To-One Marketing To The Next Level25Handouts49
Applying Customer Relationship Management26Handouts50
CRM Concepts27Handouts51-52
CRM Functions28Handouts53-54
CRM-Based Marketing And Sales29Handouts55
Personalizing Web Site30Handouts56-57
An Insight Into CRM And E-CRM31Handouts58-59
What is E-CRM32Handouts60-61
CRM Applications And Objective33Handouts62-63
Introduction And Objectives Of A CRM Process34Handouts64-65
Customer Relationship Management35Handouts66-67
Quiz 3
Customers" Expectations37Handouts70-71
What Do Customer Want And The Appeal That We Can Make?38Handouts72-73
Specific Appeals That Can Be Made39Handouts74-75
How A Customer Decides Or Accepts40Handouts76-77
Handling A Difficult Client?41Handouts78-80
Communication And CRM42Handouts81-83
Communication And CRM43Handouts84-85
Achieving Good CRM44Handouts86-87
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