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MKT621 : Advertising & Promotion

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MGT301, MKT501


Dr. Mohammad Tariq Bucha
Phd. (Public Relations & Marketing)

Course Contents

Introduction to Advertising, Advertising and Society, Marketing Tools, Role and Functions of Advertising, Advertising Planning, Positioning, Advertising Message, Advertising Budget, Advertising Reach, Pre – Placement Evaluation, Working of Advertising, Advertising Response Hierarchy Models, Problem Solving Strategies, Consumer Behavior, Creativity in Advertising, Copy Writer, Methods to Appreciate a Problem, Important Tools of Advertising, Online Advertising, Sales Promotion, Publicity, Marketing Environment, Marketing Plan, How to be a Good Client, Client – Agency Relationship, Advertising without an Agency, Newspaper Advertising, Other Advertising Media, Utility of Various Media, Continuous Tracking, Seasonal Advertising, Components of Advertising, Criticism on Advertising, Effect of Advertising, Creating Effective Design, Worksheets, Concept of an advertisement.