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MKT621 : Advertising & Promotion

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

Advertising and Promotion will help you understand all the major marketing communication tools: advertising, direct marketing, the Internet, interactive media, sales promotion, public relations, personal selling, as well as social and consumer-driven media. You will also be able to know how to research and evaluate a company’s marketing and promotional situation and how to use these various functions in developing effective communication strategies and programs.

Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Discuss advertising and promotion and its role in modern marketing.
  • Identify role of advertising and promotion in the overall marketing program.
  • Understand market segmentation and positioning.
  • Analyze the communications process.
  • Determine the methods for allocating the promotional budget.
  • Identify the promotional mix elements that form the basis of the integrated marketing communications program.
  • Plan and develop the creative strategy and advertising campaign and examine the creative process.
  • Examine how a media plan is developed
  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the broadcast media (TV and radio) as well as issues regarding the purchase of radio and TV time and audience measurement.
  • Evaluate the role of support media such as outdoor and transit advertising and some of the many new media alternatives.
  • Explain rapidly growing areas of direct marketing.

Course Calendar

Introduction To Advertising1Handouts1-6
Introduction To Advertising2Handouts1-6
Introduction To Advertising3Handouts1-6
Advertising And Society4Handouts7-9
Marketing Tools5Handouts10-13
Quiz No.1
Marketing Tools6Handouts10-13
Role And Functions Of Advertising7Handouts14-15
Advertising Planning8Handouts16-18
Advertising Message10Handouts21-24
Advertising Budget11Handouts25-28
Advertising Research12Handouts29-31
Pre – Placement Evaluation13Handouts32-33
Working Of Advertising14Handouts34-37
GDB No.1
Advertising Response Hierarchy Models15Handouts39-41
Problem Solving Strategies16Handouts42-44
Consumer Behaviour17Handouts45-47
Creativity In Advertising18Handouts48-50
Copy Writer19Handouts51-53
Why Advertising20Handouts54-56
Methods To Appreciate A Problem21Handouts57-60
Important Tool Of Advertising22Handouts61-65
Online Advertising23Handouts66-72
Online Advertising24Handouts66-72
Sales Promotion25Handouts73-75
Assignment No.1
Marketing Environment27Handouts79-81
Marketing Plan28Handouts82-88
Marketing Plan Cont…29Handouts82-88
How To Be Good Clients30Handouts89-90
Client – Agency Relationship31Handouts91-97
Client – Agency Relationship Cont…32Handouts91-98
Newspaper Advertising33Handouts98-99
Other Advertising Medium34Handouts100-104
Utility Of Various Media35Handouts105-107
Other Advertising Media36Handouts108-111
Continuous Tracking37Handouts112-114
Quiz No.4
Seasonal Advertising38Handouts115-117
Components Of Advertising39Handouts118-119
Criticism On Advertising40Handouts120-121
Effect Of Advertising41Handouts122-123
Creating Effective Design42Handouts124-126
Glossary Of Advertising44Handouts131-136
Concept Of An Ad45Handouts137
Final Term Exams
***This is tentative schedule , any change, if made, will be intimated via announcement.
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