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MKT624 : Brand Management

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MGT301, MKT501


Mr. Waseem Ahsan
MBA(Marketing); MBA(Information Systems Technology)
Punjab University Lahore; The George Washington University Washington D.C.

Course Contents

Understanding brands - introduction, Brand manifestations/ fundamentals, Brand challenges, Strategic brand management, Brand vision, Building brand vision, Brand picture, Brand persona, Brand contract, Brand based customer model, Positioning, Positioning Guiding Principles, Brand extension, Line extension, Brand extension/diversification, Positioning – the base of extension, Developing the model of brand extension, Brand portfolio, Brand architecture, Channels of distribution, Creating value, Co-branding, Customer response hierarchy, Advertising, Sales promotions, Other communication tools, Pricing, Return on brand investment – ROBI, Brand dynamics, Brand – based organization, Service brands, Brand planning, Brand planning process and Brand plan.