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MKT624 : Brand Management

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

This course focuses on understanding of brand and differentiates between brand assets and value. The purpose of this course is to prepare students to implement the concepts of branding and practice brand management. Students will also learn that how brands create value for the customers as well as for the company, and understand the various dimensions of brand management. It also touches strategic implications of branding, brand diversity , and the types of brands and the challenges of modern markets. Students will be equipped with the knowledge of why brands need identity, positioning, and why and how brands are managed in a competitive market?

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Possess the necessary branding knowledge and skills to understand and function effectively in a global environment.
  • Explain the brand management concepts and applications.
  • Describe the basic branding principles.
  • Demonstrate analytical and creative skills and a systematic understanding of brand management informed by current debates, new developments in knowledge and established theories.
  • Explain the treatment of brand-product strategies, brand extensions and financial evaluations.
  • Carry out an authoritative analysis about establishing an identity and exploiting it.
  • Discuss why branding is of strategic importance.
  • Develop a cultural sensitivity.

Course Calendar

Understanding Brands – Introduction1,2Handout1
Brand Manifestations/ Fundamentals3,4Handout11
Brand Challenges5Handout20
Strategic Brand Management6Handout25
Brand Vision7Handout29
Building Brand Vision8Handout35
Building Brand Vision9Handout38
Brand Picture10Handout44
Brand Persona11Handout48
Brand Contract12,13Handout53
Brand Contract14Handout59
Brand Based Customer Model15,16Handout62
Positioning – Guiding Principles19,20Handout75
Brand Extension21Handout82
Line Extension22Handout87
Brand Extension/ Diversification23Handout89
Positioning – The Base of Extension24Handout93
Developing the Model of Brand Extension25Handout97
Brand Portfolio26Handout101
Brand Architecture27, 28Handout105
Channels of Distribution29Handout115
Creating Value30Handout119
Customer Response Hierarchy32Handout128
Advertising33, 34Handout133
Sales Promotions35Handout140
Other Communication Tools36Handout143
Pricing37, 38Handout147
Return on Brand Investment39Handout154
Brand Dynamics40Handout160
Brand-Based Organization41Handout163
Service Brands42Handout167
Brand Planning43Handout172
Brand Planning Process44Handout176
Brand Plan45Handout180
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